Friday, October 22, 2010

Hardware Wars, Redux

It... It's like a train wreck. I couldn't stop staring at it. It's hideous, yet beautiful. When I was in High School some friends of mine and I made a movie or two on 8mm video, it didn't even have audio (we were rockin' it old school) and our budget consisted of whatever materials we could scrounge from our houses. What I'm about to introduce you to is videos with production value that is not much better than that, but there's a twist. Each video is a scene from Star Wars: A New Hope and they have been strung together in order to re-create the entire movie. I was reminded of a spoof of Episode IV called Hardware Wars when I was watching it. If I can find that on Youtube I'll link it also and you can decide for yourself.

I know what you're thinking "That sounds awful!". I can only give you partial credit for that response. It is awful, but magnificent at the same time. Dare I say, Awesomely Awesome. I'll tease you no more, the title is Star Wars Uncut and the link is below. If, in the future I can post those old 8mm movies I made with some friends then I will. Currently negotiations have stalled but we are working with a editor from the History Channel (no kidding, really!) to get them transferred to digital.

Star Wars Uncut

trailer for Star Wars

Hardware Wars Pt 1

Hardware Wars Pt 2