Monday, May 4, 2015

Super Cowboy!

I've not seen the Johnny Depp version of The Lone Ranger but my youngest son said it was a pretty good movie. I've heard some preachy things about it but I won't comment on them here because I don't have the info to do so.  
Forget Canon and Watch My Movie!
 I remember there was a 1980's version of the Lone Ranger that, if I remember correctly was filmed in it's entirety with Vaseline on the lens.
Someone want to clean that lens?
How Many Concussions is Too Many?

Amazon Prime now has some episodes of The Lone Ranger available without charging an extra $1.99 per episode. After some viewing I've noticed that the Lone Ranger has an uncanny ability to know exactly what the bad guys are thinking based on information only the viewing audience knows. 

Also, he and Tonto must have cast iron skulls as evidenced by their ability to recover from being pistol whipped on the head, in the very next scene. This information added to the tight-fitting unitard-like cowboy suit and mask ensemble, leads me to the following conclusion. The Lone Ranger is not a cowboy but instead he's an old west superhero. Unlike Zorro (who I also put in the superhero category) he has chosen to go capeless.  Please forgive me if this "Super Cowboy" theory is nothing new but it's just occurring to me.  Now stand by for my next blog post: A Study On Those Crazy Red Shirts in Star Trek.  What gives!?