Monday, January 25, 2016

The Truth Is Out Of Talent

After watching the first episode of the six part X Files mini series I have only one question. Did they all forget how to act since the series ended?  I had trouble following the story because of all the hammy acting punctuated by $.25 words used in lieu of actual drama. 

It seemed like they would burp out some over dramatic unnecessary word when a normal one with a little talent behind it would have done nicely. I happen to know that that guy who played the "conservative" conspiracy theorist is a pretty good actor. This leads me to believe that either
A: it's a director problem. 
B: they're all just phoning it in for a paycheck. 

I suppose there's another option. The first episode in many tv series often has poor acting because people are still getting used to the script and the other actors. We usually don't notice this until we re watch the early episodes and realize how far they've come. I hope this is the case because that one was a real stinker. 

And why does Scully have such a long face?