Monday, January 16, 2012

Steampunk, For Kids!

This review of Hugo (based on the book: The Invention of Hugo Cabret) was submitted by one of TDP's many adoring fans, Lance Boyle. Some names may have been changed to protect the innocent. Enjoy.

On Saturday afternoon, the family went to the Big City (Houston, not Tomball) to see the movie Hugo in 3D at the Edwards Theater on I-10. Just before we went into the auditorium, Jedediah said he had to go to the restroom. It just so happened that the elder George Bush was in there at the time, too. Aside from the two Secret Service agents, Jed and George were the only ones in the very small restroom.
After the movie, Percephonie said, "Just think, Jed. You can go to school and tell people that you saw George Bush at the movie theater." Sensing some bragging rights, Jedediah said, "No. I can tell people that I saw George Bush in the restroom at the movie theater."

Atta boy!

It was a very good movie. Well-acted. Well-directed. Well-filmed. It is rated PG, but only for what I would consider mild stuff (such as a dog chasing a boy a couple of times, a man in a bathtub while wearing a union suit, the implication that a dad died in a museum fire, an orphan stealing an apple and crescent roll for a meal, and a few people smoking). There wasn't a single foul word in the movie. I don't even think there was an "OMG!" in it. I thought it was rated G, since it is no worse than many classic animated Disney movies, such as Bambi or Peter Pan. I'm guessing your kids would like to see it if they haven't already, but I think it's leaving theaters. Check it out on if you are concerned about the rating.

Trailer for Hugo

Trailer for Bambi

Trailer for Peter Pan


  1. I hear the book is mostly pictures.

  2. Do I need to take the kids to the 3D version, or will a regular screen version do just as well?